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Life In Japan: The Dos and Don’ts Of Obon

Obon (お盆), a week-long holiday held in the middle of August, is a time for Japanese people to return to their hometowns and pay respects to relatives and ancestors. This Obon, as with every summer since getting married, I will be spending my time in a coastal town in Ibaraki with my in-laws.  Today, I’ll be sharing a few snippets of life in Japan – the dos and don’ts of Obon.

Hatsu Sekku: Momo no Sekku and Tango no Sekku

What Is Hatsu Sekku? To start, we need to look at the Japanese language and brush up on some history. Hatsu (初) means first while sekku (節句) are one of five annual ceremonies of the Japanese imperial court. Most of these celebrations have the roots in China and came to Japan during the Nara Period.