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  • Fight Winter Dryness With These 4 Skincare Items From Japan

    It’s a long running gag in the expat community that Japanese are quick to tell you that Japan is a country of four seasons. But, I’ve yet to run into a Japanese person who can tell me why this country is so darn humid in the summer — and dry as a bone in the winter. Tokyo is particular, is a nightmare. The humidity can get as high as 80% percent, but come winter it drops all the way down to 10%!

  • A Day in the Life of a Working Mom in Tokyo

    From this month, I’ll be fleshing out the Motherhood in Japan category and sharing my experiences in Japan. Today is a look at a day in the life of a working mom in Tokyo. I work as a kindergarten teacher in a kodomo en (こども園), a special facility that is both daycare and kindergarten. READ: An Inside Look At Daycare in Japan Background Before I begin, I must be incredibly forthright and honest in that my company has been very transparent in the way they adhere to Japanese law. I’ve had absolutely no trouble taking days off for appointments when I was pregnant. Nor did I have trouble taking maternity leave...

  • Want to Try Gel Nails in Tokyo? Visit Goldy!

    (日本語版はこちら。) I’m very excited about today’s post because I’ll be introducing my favorite nail salon in Tokyo.The wonderful ladies at Goldy have been doing my nails for almost 5 years! If you’re curious about the process of getting a set of gel nails done in Japan, read on!

  • Make Your Mornings Easier With These Products From Japan

    I can describe my weekday mornings in 5 words: C-H-A-O-S. OK, fine that’s 5 letters, but my point still stands — there’s not enough time in the day, let alone on a Monday morning — for me to catch my breath. And, with my husband back to work now that his paternity leave is over, it’s a race against the clock (and to be first in the bathroom!).