The Wagamama Mama Drink Sampler


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This set includes several of the drinks featured on the popular post,6 Best Japanese Drinks For Pregnant And Nursing Women. All drink mixes come in individually packages or in a resealable package.  Packaging and design may vary based on product availability.


MUJI Organic Herbal Tea

(1 package; 9 teabags)

MUJI’s popular selection of organic herbal teas are non-caffeinated and come in a variety of flavors, such as Elderberry Hibiscus, Apple Ginger,  Apple Elderflower, Apple Rooibos, and Rose Hip & Orange Peel.

Wakodo “Yasashii Gyunyu-ya San” Caffeine-Free Coffee or Tea Mix

(1 box; 5 sticks)

Wakodo is one of Japan’ leading manufacturers of baby formula and foods. They also produce a wonderful array of drinks, snacks, and supplements for breastfeeding and pregnant women. This series is made with real cream, adding a rich and smooth flavor to your milk tea or cafe latte.

Yamamoto Kanpo Oishii Aojiru

(1 box; 22 packets)

One of Japan’s best kept health and beauty secrets is aojiru, a green drink made from powdered kale and other leafy green veggies. To prepare, add one package of aojiru (literally “green juice”) to 100 cc of milk, soy milk, hot or cold water. Flavor with honey or add aojiru powder to your pancakes, yogurt, smoothies, ice cream, orange juice, and more.

MUJI Rooibos Ginger Chai Tea

(1 package)

MUJI Rooibos Ginger Chai Tea is an invigorating drink perfect on a hot or cold day. Pair it with your favorite meal for a bold, flavorful drink that is sure to become your favorite.

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