The Very Busy Mama Deluxe Set


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You’ve tried The Very Busy Mama Sampler, and now you’re hooked! The Very Busy Mama Deluxe set contains full-sized containers of Japan’s best-selling items for the modern busy mama.


Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask

(1 Box of 20 masks; 5 each of Lavender Sage, Ginger Chamomile, Bergamont Citrus or Eucalyptus Herb.)

Saborino Morning Sheet Masks

(1 package of 32 sheets; Fruity herb scent) 

Bath Roman Premium Bath Salts

(1 container; 680g; Spicy herb scent)

Kyusoku No Jikan

(1 box of 18 sheets; packaged in 3 satchels of 6 sheets each)

How To Use:

Start your day with the fast-acting Saborino sheet masks, which take only 60 seconds to act as a cleanser, toner, and primer.

To unwind after a long day, ease your aching muscles with a soak in the tub by using two scoopfuls of Bath Roman Spicy Herb bath salts.

Hop into bed after everyone’s asleep, but not before sticking a few Kyusoku no Jikan leg sheets to your calves and donning a Megrythm steam eye mask. Choose from Lavender Sage, Ginger Chamomile, Bergamont Citrus or Eucalyptus Herb. Pamper yourself —  you deserve it, mama!

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