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  • Baby’s First Christmas: Hajimete no Kurisumasu

    Around this time last year, I was eagerly preparing for baby’s first Christmas, hajimete no kurisumasu (初めてのクリスマス | first Christmas) in Japan. This year, we’ll be in the States for “authentic” festivities, but here’s how we celebrated last year.

  • Japanese Kindergarten Fun: Imo Hori

    It’s been 7 months (!) since I returned semi-full time to the classroom. I’ve experienced a whirlwind of emotions in this journey, but life as a kindergarten teacher in Japan is actually enjoyable (for the most part). While my primary task is keeping little humans alive and teaching them how to be human, I get to do pretty fun stuff like painting, crafting, and going on fields trips. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some classic Japanese kindergarten fun: imo hori!

  • Omiyamari: Baby’s First Photo Shoot and Shrine Visit

    Being pregnant in Japan is a 10-month long ordeal of hospital visits, taboos, and superstitions. And, even after your baby is born, the show still goes on. After you’ve no doubt introduced your new arrival to eager family members and friends, it’s soon time for omiyamairi: baby’s first photo shoot and shrine visit.

  • Look Who’s Talking: Tales of a Bilingual Monster

    Just a few days after the post, 18 Months Old – The Countdown To 2 Begins, little Kaiju spoke her first sentence! She woke up, crying, “Dada [i]nai” (ダダない | Daddy’s not here.) Since that day, her vocabulary and communication skills grew tremendously!

  • A Day in the Life of a Working Mom in Tokyo

    From this month, I’ll be fleshing out the Motherhood in Japan category and sharing my experiences in Japan. Today is a look at a day in the life of a working mom in Tokyo. I work as a kindergarten teacher in a kodomo en (こども園), a special facility that is both daycare and kindergarten. READ: An Inside Look At Daycare in Japan Background Before I begin, I must be incredibly forthright and honest in that my company has been very transparent in the way they adhere to Japanese law. I’ve had absolutely no trouble taking days off for appointments when I was pregnant. Nor did I have trouble taking maternity leave...