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How To Watch Game of Thrones in Japan

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It’s definitely spring, but winter is coming to Japan!

(Come on, this is a GOT post, you knew that lame “joke” was coming. In fact, I think it’s a requirement that any blog post or article about Game of Thrones has at least one “Winter is coming” line!)

I finally watched the first episode of season 8 of Game of Thrones and immediately got lots of DMs asking how I watched it. If you want to know how to watch Game of Thrones in Japan, read on! 

EDIT: I have such an urge to delete this post because I feel so bad for anyone who came across this, only to be disappointed by the final episode. Well. I’m currently reading ADWD now so I’ll be off dreaming of my own head cannon…

Note the this post does not include links or references to VPN and any unauthorized methods to watch Game of Thrones.

(This is not because I’m a goody two shoes. It’s because my father-in-law is a heavily decorated police detective who would not hesitate to put Japanese law above the family name and make an example of me.)

First, you’ll need to set yourself up with Prime Membership over on Amazon Japan (it’s 4900 yen a year and can be paid monthly).

Once that’s taken care of, sign up for Star Channel EX Drama & Classics. There’s a 14 day trial, and it’s 900 yen a month.

Now that you have both set up, you can stream all episodes of seasons 1-6 on Amazon Prime and Season 7 on Star Channel at anytime.

Season 8, however, is different.

Each episode is broadcast live worldwide on Star Channel:

(1) Monday mornings 10 am Japan Time;
(2) then live again at 10 pm Monday night;
(3) Wednesday night after 11 pm on demand

(Times subject to change.)

Now go get yo’ Game of Thrones on! I know better not to have favorites— but tell me, who will take the throne?

Who do you think deserved the Iron Throne?

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