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Japanese Kindergarten Fun: Imo Hori

It’s been 7 months (!) since I returned semi-full time to the classroom. I’ve experienced a whirlwind of emotions in this journey, but life as a kindergarten teacher in Japan is actually enjoyable (for the most part). While my primary task is keeping little humans alive and teaching them how to be human, I get to do pretty fun stuff like painting, crafting, and going on fields trips. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some classic Japanese kindergarten fun: imo hori!

5 Super Easy Japanese Recipes For Fall

Last weekend we went to Ibaraki to visit the inlaws. Among the many treats we got from my father-in-law’s garen were kabocha or Japanese pumpkins, which I used to make kabocha no nimino (simmered pumpkin). This led me to think about all the fun fall foods that are coming this way.  Here are 5 super easy Japanese recipes for fall that are perfect when you don’t know what to cook for dinner.

Fabulous Friday Finds: 3 Snacks From Japan That Toddlers And Parents Will Love

This week on the blog is all about travel. But, what fun is a trip without something to munch on enroute to your destination? Here are some of my favorite snacks from Japan. You’ll no longer have to hide in closet to indulge yourself. These 3 snacks will satisfy your cravings and are perfect for sharing with your little ones. Here’s the latest edition of Fabulous Friday Finds: 3 Snacks From Japan That Toddlers And Parents Will Love.

Tokyo’s Toddler-Friendly Sushi Making Classes

I love that there are so many “mommy and baby” events in Tokyo. Unfortunately for me, they’re nearly always on a weekday morning. (It took me forever to find a weekend “mommy and baby” swimming class and even then, it’s 40 minutes away). So, when I had the opportunity to work with Local Bites and participate in one of Tokyo’s toddler-friendly sushi making classes, I jumped at the chance.