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Fabulous Friday Finds: Summer Skincare and Hair Products

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Can you believe it’s Friday again? This week’s roundup includes products by Biore, Saborino, and My Beauty Diary. Enjoy!

Biore Botanical Aroma Pore Strips in Aromatic Herb

Aromatherapy while you detox your pores sounds like an awesome idea… unless you have a sensitive nose. Then, all that aroma leads to a runny nose. And, the strip doesn’t stick as much. Kinda hard to be relaxed when you’re a sniveling mess… I love the concept behind the product, but I should have thought more before I picked up this box of 10.

Get it on Rakuten Japan:


Saborino Dry Shampoo
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You’ve seen Saborino on Baby Kaiju countless times. It’s the line of morning sheet masks by Japanese company BCL.

They’ve recently released a line of hair care products In Saborino’s signature “fruity herb” scent. The new products are dry shampoo, shampoo, and blow drying spray that all promise to cut down on hair care time.

The dry shampoo is cool (aren’t they all?) but what makes this stand out from other dry shampoos are the ingredients like orange peel oil and peppermint leaf extract. It doesn’t have that alcohol smell or strong chemical smell that other dry shampoo tend to have.

As a bonus, the dry shampoo also came with a free morning sheet mask in kiwi yogurt.

Get it on Amazon Japan:

Get it on Rakuten Japan:


サボリーノ 髪を洗いまスプレー 水不要のドライシャンプー
価格:1296円(税込、送料別) (2018/8/6時点)



Saborino Morning Sheet Mask in Kiwi Yogurt

This is the third version of Saborino morning masks that I have tried. Kiwi Yogurt is the “whitening” type, but before you give me side eye for buying any “whitening” products, hear me out.

I use “whitening/brightening” products in the summer to reverse any sun damage. I’m always outside with my students everyday after lunch.

Yogurt works well as a face mask because of lactic acid, an ingredient that hydrates the skin, brightens and exfoliates, as well as soothes sunburn.

Get it on Amazon Japan:

Get it on Rakuten Japan:



サボリーノ 目ざまシート フレッシュ果実のホワイトタイプ
価格:1404円(税込、送料別) (2018/8/6時点)


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My Beauty Diary Cool Mint Mask

This is my first time trying My Beauty Diary, a brand of sheet masks from Taiwan. Apparently it’s the number one selling brand of sheet masks in Singapore, Taiwan & Hong Kong with over 100 million sold since the brand launched in 2004. Impressive!

These masks are perfect for after our weekend morning walk with Kokuto. It’s hard to get shower time for myself, so these masks cool me down and freshen me up. My Beauty Diary Cool Mint Mask contain peppermint extract. Put a few in the refrigerator and apply after a long summer for an extra cooling sensation. (Note: it gets so cold, it feels like ice!)

Get it on Amazon Japan:

Get it on Rakuten Japan:



That’s it for this week’s round of Fabulous Friday Finds! I can’t wait to share more beauty finds from Japan.

Let me know what types of products you’d like to see in future editions- Japanese skincare products or Japanese snacks?

Fabulous Friday Finds: Summer Skincare and Hair Products

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