5 Winter Fashion Essentials For Moms

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We’re gearing up for winter in the Kanto region, with some areas already experiencing the first snowfall of the season. (Incidentally, we missed the first snowfall in Sapporo by just a few days!) To get ready, I’m sharing my 5 winter fashion essentials for mamas – enjoy!

5. Heattech

Kicking off this list with a tried and true winter staple created right here in Japan by clothing retailer Uniqlo. If you’re unfamiliar with Heattech, it’s basically skin tight inner wear made from a thin, insulating fabric that keeps you comfortably warm even on the coldest of days. Heattech isn’t just undershirts — there’s an extensive lineup that includes socks, camisoles, turtlenecks, leggings… The list goes on!


4. Oversized Knit Sweaters


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If you’re wondering how Japanese people also manage to look so trendy even in the winter, it’s all in the art of layering and balance. Start with Heattech, then work your way to thicker fabrics. Pair a loose knit sweater with an pencil skirt, or skinny jeans for balance. Swap skinny jeans for black denim and black boots to create the illusion of long legs. Accent your outfit with a chunky knit sweater “carelessly” tucked in for a look that is serious #OOTD goals.

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3. Oversized Plaid Scarf


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I bought an oversized plaid scarf while waiting for my phone to charge at the charging station at Bic Camera at JR Sapporo Station. Just in one day, I got my money’s worth: I used it as a blanket for little Kaiju, a nursing cover, and of course, as a scarf to keep my neck nice and warm.

I love browsing through the Instagram hashtag #ストールの巻き方 (ways to style a scarf) for scarf styling ideas.


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My favorite way to wear an oversized scarf is to drape it over my shoulders then cinch at the waist with a belt. Simple, but so chic!


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2. Velour Skinny Pants


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Something a bit more stylish and comfortable than jeans are velour skinny pants. Little hands will have fun sensory play with the texture and you get to experiment with the 90s fashion comeback without looking like a walking tragedy.


1. Capes


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I’m all about baby wearing but winter presents a special challenge — how to stay warm with a baby strapped to your body and no way to close your coat? You could invest in one of those down coats with a zipper attachment to cover your baby (this is very popular with Japanese moms).

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But, if you want to know my secret to successful baby wearing in the winter, it’s to wear a cape!

It traps in the heat from your baby’s body, which keeps you both comfortably warm.

Amazon; Rakuten (this is where I got my black cape above)

There’s more to winter than staying warm! Don’t forget to keep your skin moisturized!  Find out more: Fight Winter Dryness With These 4 Skincare Items From Japan & Raxy Beauty Box for October 2018: Moisture Me.

5 Winter Fashion Essentials For Moms

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