10 Life Lessons You Learn From Dating Mr. Wrong

This is test piece that I wrote for my portfolio that was never picked up. BOO! I will say that even though I am married, I don’t believe in “Mr. (or Ms. Right).” That’s because toxic relationships aren’t limited to romance. Family members, “friends,” and co-coworkers can be a source of stress and trouble. I believe in finding the right relationship. It took me plenty of years to be able to stand up for myself. But, knowing when to put my foot down is one of the most liberating feelings. With that said, onto the blog post!

Changing Diapers in My Closet – Hack My Japanese Home

I “hacked” the closet (押入れ, o-shiire) in our Japanese room (和室, washitsu) and turned it into a diaper command center. Why? I’m short, but I have long legs, and lots of changing tables were too awkward to use. We live in an average sized condo with three rooms, one of which is a Japanese room with tatami flooring. Husband and I have our bedroom, Kokuto has always had his own room, and it was my dream that if we could have kids, the kids and Kokuo would grow up to be roommates. Obviously, the changing table would go in baby’s room, but…

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