Skinvill: Japan’s Hottest Cleansing Gel

I wrote in my 2018 goal post that I wanted to return to my fashion/beauty roots… but I had no idea it would come so quickly. Last week, I completed an article for Live Japan reviewing Daiso’s 100 yen cosmetics and skincare. Later that day, my LB Cosmetics eyeliner arrived. Then two days later, I got another shipment of sponsored makeup Now comes another beauty related post (I know, I know – where’s the Japan stuff and baby spam?)

Fight Winter Dryness With These 4 Skincare Items From Japan

It’s a long running gag in the expat community that Japanese will be quick to tell you that Japan is a country of four seasons. But I’ve yet to run into a Japanese person who can tell me why this country is so darn humid in the summer — and dry as a bone in the winter.

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