WAHM Life – 6 Lessons Learned From 6 Months of Blogging

I have been blogging since April of this year, though it is only recently that I decided to turn it into more than a hobby. While my guest writing projects are going extremely well, I want to bring more focus to Baby Kaiju. After all, I link to my blog on Instagram  and Twitter, and links to my blog are also included in my author bios. It’s time to focus more on the blog and make it work for me. Here are 6 lessons that I learned in 6 months of blogging.

Month 4 with Baby – I Think I Hate My Husband

Month 4 with Baby – I Think I Hate My Husband May went by easier than the first three months but gave me a new set of challenges, not to mention my first bout with mastitis. The challenges I’m really talking about are my relationship with my husband and myself. There’s an idea that mommy bloggers sometimes are just too personal, too real –selfies with tired eyes and bed head or proudly showing off their nursing positions and expressed milk. Writing too truthfully about their labor experience, postpartum blues/anger, and sex after baby.

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