Turkish Airlines Lounge – Washington, D.C.

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Turkish Airlines Lounge – Washington D.C. Obligatory “This post isn’t sponsored by Turkish Airlines, Washington Dulles Airport, Star Alliance, or any entity mentioned.” disclaimer. With a layover of just under 5 hours, I decided to use Turkish Airlines Lounge in Washington, D.C. to pass time with baby. I don’t have any Star Alliance status anymore but can access some lounges with my credit card (some being the operative word. I’m limited to lounges in Japan, Incheon, and Honolulu). But, you don’t need a Business class ticket, alliance status, or special credit cards for lounge access, especially if you’re not a frequent flyer. Day use for airport lounges can go from […]

July 16, 2017

First Long Haul Flight with Baby – Buying Tickets, What to Pack

Travel with Baby

First Long Haul Flight with Baby – Buying Tickets, What to Pack Now that jet lag is wearing off and baby is slowly returning to her regular schedule (though it seems like she’s teething), I have time to write about our first international flight together. Disclaimer: This post is neither sponsored by nor endorsed by nor affiliated with American Express or All Nippon Airways.

June 21, 2017

Getting Through the First Three Months

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Getting Through the First Three Months Soon, we’ll be on our way to the US! I keep in touch regularly with my mother with Skype and FaceTime, but actually being able physically introduce baby to her- it’s exciting! Here’s a look back at the first three months with baby. This post is mainly for myself, to let me know how far I’ve come, because there were times when I just wanted to run away. I’m not exaggerating, either.

June 3, 2017

Baby Bottle Blues – When Your Baby Refuses a Bottle

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Baby Bottle Blues – When Your Baby Refuses a Bottle With a new baby, I’ve always thought that traveling by car would be more convenient. Afterall, if we are in our own vehicle, there would be no way that a crying baby would disturb other passengers. This is Japan, after all, where meiwaku (迷惑、being a nuisance) and kuuki yomenai (空気読めない、being painfully oblivious to one’s surroundings) are the big mustn’ts of society.

May 31, 2017