Scent of My Childhood – Baby and Wisteria at Kameido Tenjin

Scent of My Childhood – Baby and Wisteria at Kameido Tenjin

Hands down, wisteria is my favorite flower simply because it reminds me of my grandmother. In her backyard, there were lots of trees with wisteria vines. When the weather was fine, she’d leave the backdoor open and the smell of wisteria would fill the house.

Visiting now with my daughter, I felt as if I had come full circle, almost as if I had closure. My grandmother passed years before baby was born. Yet, it feels as if introducing her to the scent of wisteria was a way to introduce her to my childhood memories.

Spring in Japan would certainly be my favorite season if it weren’t for the hay fever and pesky sinus problems. Who can resist the beautiful assortment of flowers nature puts on display? I looked forward to going to Kameido Tenjin this Golden Week with my daughter.

Baby and I went by bus to Kameido Tenjin to enjoy the turtles and hanging wisteria. I’ve been to Kameido Tenjin nearly every year to see the wisteria during its Wisteria Festival.

It’s also a special place because it’s where I had my Inu no Hi blessing when pregnant and where baby did her O-miya mairi, or first shrine visit. So our visit was technically her third trip there!

I’d already taken her by bus to her checkup and to a local park, so I had no issues about taking public transportation.

I debated on using the Ergo Baby or stroller or both, but in the end opted just to use the Ergo Baby. In the past few years, Kameido Tenjin has become quite a tourist attraction, and I wasn’t sure how the crowds would be this year. Besides, if baby were in the carrier, I could easily console (and nurse!) her.

As I expected, there was quite a crowd, and I was glad that I opted for the Ergo Baby.

After our wisteria watching, it was time for me to have a little “me” time.

We stopped by Funabashiya, a famous Japanese confectionery or wagashiya. Funabashiya is known for their kudzu (yes, “the vine that ate the south”) mochi. As the line was terribly long, I ordered a box to share with my husband. I picked up matcha shiratama mochi to eat by myself at home.



I recommend to anyone visiting Tokyo- don’t be afraid to use the buses! The Toei bus fleet (the orange and green buses) has been fitted out with large monitors that show the bus route in both Japanese and English. The WiFi is also free and EXCELLENT! In fact, I always use the WiFi on the bus even though I have a pretty good data plan with Softbank. Plus, a one day bus pass is only ¥500, and a one day bus and (Toei) train pass is ¥700!

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