Terrace House Aloha State – Subbed Another Terrace Clips

Terrace House Aloha State – Subbed Another Terrace Clips

I’m currently translating the Another Terrace clips of the popular Netflix series, Terrace House Aloha State. Another Terrace clips consist of un-aired footage, new resident interviews, and graduation interviews. These clips are available on YouTube at the official channel of Terrace House.

I only learned about the existence of these clips 2/3 of the way into Season 4 of the series. This is a pet project of mine as I learn new skills on my child care leave in order to prevent a blank space on my resume. Translating and subbing these clips are a work in progress – please check periodically for updates. Needless to say, there are spoilers abound, so watch at your own risk.

I use Amara to subtitle the videos. The videos are on YouTube and are unfortunately region-locked. You can view the subtitles on the official YouTube channel after installing the Chrome extension, “Subtitles for Youtube.” Further instructions can be found here.

Vol. 11 New Housemate Interview – Cheri

Vol.15 New Housemate Interview – Mariko

Vol.16: New Housemate Interview – Ryo

26th Week: Last Interview – Anna

28th Week: What do you think about him?

29th Week: After the Date

29th Week: Shinuhodo no Koi

30th Week: Last Interview – Guy

32rd Week: Last Interview – Mila

33rd Week: Long Night of Men

34th Week: Shinuhodo No Koi Discovered

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