Month 9 With Baby – Living With A Mini Diva

It’s hard to believe that we’re only three months away from the home stretch – completing year one with little Kaiju. She was a bit of a late bloomer, but in this month alone, she’s shown so many changes and mastery of certain motor skills. Just a few days before the 9 month mark, she surprised me by standing unassisted. It was very brief, barely for a second, but I cheered so much! I’m very happy to see all of the milestones. She’s currently got 2 and ½ teeth, with more peeking through!

Eating and Drinking

One highlight we encountered this month is the little monster can use a straw cup. We made the switch from sippy cups because she was having too much fun initially thought it would be difficult, but she proved me wrong immediately!

I’m having fun introduction new foods to her and seeing her reaction. She’s so adept at using her fingers to pick up food – even down to a single grain of rice! I  appreciate that she can feed herself. Now has a high chair, I can finally enjoy hot drinks and soups at the table.

Little Explorer

After our Australia trip, I made sure to install locks on the kitchen cabinets, doors, and fridge. I thought it was a bit too early, but I’m glad I installed them. She’s getting so good at pulling herself up by holding onto a sofa or any other piece of furniture. She also learned the layout of the house, and has no trouble crawling off to look for me (or to make mischief). It’s great when she comes into the kitchen to “help,” but I have to be careful when we’re together.

I’m used to kids falling and bumping their heads. My husband, on the other hand- every fall or bump causes such a dramatic reaction from him. Already I see that our approaches are far too different, and we will surely have more troubles in the future…


She’s gotten a hang of the “m” sound and can say “ma ma,” but I wonder if she is saying “mama,” or is just showing off the only word in her vocabulary. Still, when I talk to her, it truly feels like she understands everything that I say. Pushing and throwing food off her high chair is her new hobby, and when I ask her, “Why would you do that? Is that funny?” She looks directly at me and laughs! Is it my expression that she thinks is funny? Or, does she really understand what I’m saying? It’s a bit creepy at times, honestly.

I’m also learning more about her body language and introducing sign language. I’ve learned to pick up when she wants her straw cup, to drink milk, or to eat. She loves playing peek-a-boo as well as playing with blocks.

Diva Antics

While I am enjoying all of the communication that we now have, scrolling through my Instagram feed, I do admit that I miss the newborn stage. Why? Simply because they are so cute and can’t do anything! I was able to do so much when little monster was a newborn.

Separation anxiety is the biggest thorn in our relationship. It’s like when Kokuto was a puppy and he followed me to the toilet and when I took a bath. Except, Kokuto never cried or whined. Sometimes, little Kaiju cries and screams if I simply stand up.

She absolutely hates getting dressed, changing her clothes and changing her diaper.  If it were summer I wouldn’t mind so much. But temperatures are dropping: If we’re going outside on our daily walk, she needs to be dressed appropriately for the weather. The problem is that she rolls and wriggles around and cries so much. We’re finished I’m exhausted, near tears myself, and just want a break.

She also thinks everything belongs to her. And, if I dare take something away from her, be it a dirty diaper, tissue, my iPhone, a microscopic piece of something she found on the carpet… all hell breaks loose. It’s easy to see why parents “spoil” (to an outsider’s POV), but, I am a teacher, and am not easily persuaded by tears. Still, it’s fair to say, she’s certainly got a taste for theatrics. I wonder if my love for over-scripted Korean dramas is to blame.

Looking Forward

Since I made my decision to throw myself into freelancing/content creation, my workload is increasing. Now, it’s a struggle to keep my eye on her and do house chores or cook, or write, or whatever is on my itinerary for the day. Maintaining a perfect balance is still a challenge, but I pleased that I am much calmer now than I have been in months.

My next step is making mama tomo (ママとも), a Japanese phrase for mama tomodachi (ママ友達) , or “mommy friends.” I think it’s time I connect with some moms in the area and give little Kaiju a chance to interact with other babies. I also need details and recommendations on daycares for next year.

Let’s see what November has in store for us. Fall is perhaps my favorite season, so we’ll do some Tokyo exploring this month. I’d love to see illuminations together, but I don’t want to be out in a crowd at night. Our Halloween photoshoot was…eventful, but I am looking forward to Christmas. My mother got her lots of Christmas themed bibs and onesies, and I’m just itching to take photos. Plus, it’s almost time to start making nengajo (年賀状)  New Year’s cards. Next year is the Year of the Dog, and I’m currently searching for a dog costume for the monster to wear.

Month 9 With Baby – Living With A Mini Diva

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