Month 8 With Baby – My Snaggletooth Daredevil

In Month 8 we headed Down Under and had lots of fun in the sun in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Our last full day in Brisbane was memorable only because little Kaiju had terrible teething pains. And her “kaiju” nickname certainly suits her more and more each day. She’s a destructive, sassy whirlwind! I’m amazed at all the little and big things she can do. Here’s 8 baby milestones she’s accomplished:

She has teeth

After teething for what seemed like an eternity, teeth are finally here. Two bottom teeth came in, and a third up top is erupting. So while I’m pleased with her development, it means that there are more tears and crankiness in store for me. Hooray!

She can crawl

To be fair, she’s been able to crawl for a while, but it was a military, crawl-through-the-trenches kind of movement. Now, she’s fully supporting her body on her hands and knees. Keeping her weight on her hands and knees is a new skill, so when she wants to move quickly, she’s slithering on her belly.

She can sit unsupported

If I propped her up in a sitting position she could hold her posture for a few seconds. But now, she can go from crawling or rolling over straight into a sitting position. However, she tends to sit seiza, or Japanese style, on her knees.

She can stand up by holding onto furniture

This is the skill that I’ve been dreading! And she’s so darn good at holding onto the sofa, wall, chair leg, my shoulder when I’m sitting down… Nothing is safe in this house! We ordered a TV/wall bracket stabilizer, and I can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m also researching baby gates and playpens. We have a pack n play but she hates it. I feel like a baby gate is just a waste of money: she’ll either (1) knock it over or (2) climb on top of Kokuto and escape.

She can feed herself

I gradually switched from purees to mushed foods and finally finger foods. Since last month I’ve been giving her larger pieces of food so she can relieve some of the teething pain and work on her hand-eye-mouth coordination. And, on top of that, we now have a high chair, courtesy of my sister-in-law. So I just put her in there and let her eat. Her freedom and distance in a high chair means that I can finally eat a hot meal and drink hot tea, perfect because the weather’s getting colder here in Tokyo. Next step- using a spoon.

She can play “copycat”

This is my favorite skill. She knows how to point the remote at the TV and press buttons. On top of that, he knows that the iPhone and iPad are used for Skype and FaceTime, and she gets so mad when I won’t let her touch the screen. Today, I showed her how to play Star Wars with the crib rail bumpers #srynotsry

She’s starting to communicate

Speech is still a long ways away so I’ve been trying to teach her some baby sign language. I first though baby sign language was silly. But, I realized that I actually use sign language in the classroom with shy children/children with limited English skills. She puts her hand out for “please.” Before eating, she puts her hands together to say itadakimasu (let’s eat). After eating she also puts her hands together and bows her head to say gochisousama deshita (thank you for the meal). Maybe my eyes are tricking me, but I also think I see her waving “hello” and “good-bye”!

She loves games

I don’t know which game she loves more: peek a boo or intentionally dropping things and having me or dad pick them up. She better watch out though, because if she drops food, Kokuto will snatch it up!

Onto month 9 with baby – Looking forward to enjoying fall foliage around Tokyo with my girl!

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