Month 7 with Baby – My Toothless Wonder

Month 7 with Baby – My Toothless Wonder

Well, well, well… At 7 months old, my little kaiju is inching her way towards the one year mark! It seems like every day she picks up a new skill- there’s no limit to what she can do!

Month 7 with baby was full of accomplishment and frustrations from both of us.

As noted in my previous post, I’ve decided to push myself into freelancing writing…but I totally underestimated how difficult the balancing act would be. Being at home with a baby while trying to meet deadlines is tough. Kokuto can only do so much to hold her attention. She needs to nurse; she needs hugs and physical comfort. More than anything, she needs attention!

I have no problem with baby wearing, BUT she’s learned how to pull on my necklace and my hair! I don’t feel comfortable putting her on my back, but even if I did she’d still be able to pull my hair. With her on my back, I’d have no way to deflect her pulls and attacks.

Once she’s asleep, I can get to work, but putting her to sleep is the problem. After a 7 p.m. bath, she’s full of energy so it’s story time, supersize and letting her wear herself out. I can see her literally fighting the sleep away by rubbing her eyes and rubbing her face against the futon and blankets.

And on top of that, this little girl has suddenly become independent!

How so?




I wish I’d written down exactly when she did it. In the first 4 or 5 months, I was extremely diligent in writing down everything: diaper changes, twice daily temperature checks, nursing times, milestones, practically everything – in the baby diary or ikuji kiroku (育児記録).

She started doing the military style under barbwire in the trenches full body crawl, and I didn’t think much of it. Of course, that’s not to mean that I wasn’t I was happy for her to reach this milestone. However, I know that babies develop at their own pace, and I didn’t want to over-exaggerate her achievements. Thinking it was a one time thing…and the next day, I couldn’t keep up with her!

While I didn’t record this milestone in a diary, I, of course, have plenty of video to commemorate this occasion. One of my favorites is little Kaiju crawling her way to Kokuto.

If I catch her, she’ll cry. If I put her down, she just pushes off with her legs like a frog… then squirms away like a little snake, ready to get into more mischief. And catching her is like trying to wrangle a greased pig. Sorry for all the animal imagery – I just read Animals Animals by Eric Carle for our bedtime story. 

Speaking of Eric Carle, I was poking around on his website – it never occurred to me to look for his website, I’m ashamed it took me so long to do so. Anyway, I was poking around on the website, and I saw that he was in Tokyo in April! Baby would have been 2 months old, and it may have been difficult to take her out so far away to Setagaya without being vaccinated. Not that it would have been difficult, I’m sure the in-laws and husband would have protested much ::insert eye roll here:: But, it’s Eric Carle! The man is a legend. Who would deny a child the chance to be in his presence?!

Going back to baby’s developmental milestones, she has become a very feisty and sassy girl.

  • She’s super quick, so by the time I take off her diaper and reach for another, I have a half naked baby crawling all over my floor.
  • Evening baths are a pain because she moves away when I try to remove her clothes and forget about cleaning her nose…
  • Tell her dame (だめ) or “No!” and she’ll laugh and keep on doing whatever it was before I scolded her.

What else…?

I have to use two washcloths during bath time. One for me to use and a damp one for her to suck on. My mom said that one of us (me, or my brother, or my sister) used to like to suck on damp clothes. Maybe it was me, and it’s hereditary?

Introduction to solids is going better than I expected. My father-in-law has taken up gardening in his retirement and sends us lots of veggies. She loves eating stewed eggplant. I’m also having lots of fun making purees, baby pancakes, and other baby meals. My husband gave me a blender on our wedding gift exchange, and I’ve gone from making breakfast smoothies and dinner soups to baby food. The top portion of our freezer is now filled with ice cube trays of purees, udon, and stewed eggplant.

All of these developments led me into the title of today’s post, “My toothless wonder.” At 7 months old, she still has a toothless, gummy smile, which cracks me up every time.

My husband is worried that she still hasn’t gotten teeth, especially when some babies on my Instagram feed who are around the same age, already have 2 or more. I like to use Instagram to get the opinions of other moms, not to compare babies. For the record, I’m enjoying this toothless phase, especially because she like to play during nursing time. I can’t image what would happen if she had tiny teeth!

This is not to say that it’s been all fun and games this August. I’ve learned a new Japanese word tasogare naki (黄昏泣き), “twilight crying,” used to describe the evening fussiness that a baby experiences. It drives me absolutely crazy. Even though I know it won’t last for long once she starts nursing. I just think over and over again WHY?

It’s just a phase, and comparing photos of Kaiju as a newborn and now, I really see how far she’s come. It’s amazing. She was so tiny, with absolutely no neck control and now she can crawl and can almost sit unassisted. And then I wonder, is this why everyone misses the newborn period, because newborns don’t do anything at all?

Next week we’re off to the Land Down Under! We had a pretty great (and tear-free) time on our flight to the US. I wonder how our Quantas flight will be this time around???

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