Month 6 with Baby – WTF Am I Being Punished?

Month 6 with Baby – Month 6 with Baby – WTF Am I Being Punished?

The first week of month 6 with baby coincided with our return to Japan. Since we’ve returned, she’s been in kaiju mode nearly everyday. Maybe it’s the jet-lag or coming back to an extremely humid place, I don’t know.

Kaiju ( monster) came about because of her screams and frequent crying as a newborn. Then, as she got older and went into a routine, I felt a bit guilty calling my own daughter a monster. Still, I’m a honest person and I say what I feel. No matter how much I tried to get pregnant or much I tried to learn about taking care of a baby, the reality was had to accept. I couldn’t do this. Then, when I finally felt like things were going smoothly, I got hit with a curve ball. There’s simply no winning- and I’m not used to that!

Our stay in the US began with a few bumps. Jet lag meant that the first few days home were sleepless nights for me and baby. Then, just as baby got back into her routine, my husband came to stay. His presence was quite the distraction for baby. She always wanted to see what he was doing and needed so much attention. I ended up sleeping in the guest room on the third night of his stay just so  I could sleep…

And now, it seems like she is teething so I feel like everything is slowly turning into a nightmare.

Before my stress came from wanting to have my old life back and not knowing how to accept my new role as a mother. Now, my stress comes from being unable to calm her down and get a little bit of time for myself Going to get a new diaper, taking laundry out of the machine, feeding the dog, going to the bathroom – whenever I step away for just a little bit, she cries! If I put her down, she cries! How did she get to be so incredibly clingy?

When I Googled, “Why is my 5 month old suddenly clingy?” I came across many blogs and forums. The most useful was this listicle at Baby Gaga: 15 Reasons For Baby Suddenly Becoming Clingy.

As I read the list, nearly everything applied to me.

Baby Becomes More Aware

She’s more alert and everything is a distraction. Nursing takes twice as long even though she doesn’t drink as much as she used to. And if baseball is on? Forget it. I don’t exist.

Baby Doesn’t Understand Permanence

I better accept this one because I will be dealing with this again come time to put her in nursery school…

 Bond Between Mom And Baby Strengthens

I’m actually happy with this one. I once felt a bit of a gap between us but I’m really happy that she’s growing on me, if that makes sense. Still, sometimes, I just want some “me time!”

Baby Is Developing

When babies go through the “wonder weeks,” which are, generally, weeks 5, 8, 12, 19, 26, 37, 46, 64, 55, and 75, they often exhibit the “Three C’s,” which are crankiness, clinginess, and crying…When those weeks are over, the baby can generally do some pretty cool new things, such as start to roll over or maybe even say a few words, depending on the week.


Well, that makes sense. She just got out of her 19 week growth spurt and was heading towards another one at 26 weeks. On the day that she turned 5 months old she rolled from back to tummy. A week before turning 6 months old, she mastered how to roll from back to tummy and tummy to back. Now I can’t get her to keep still at all…

Baby Begins Teething

According to my mother, she’s been showing signs of teething since forever. She gnaws on everything now, even my hands and arms, and feet if she’s on the floor! When are these little teeth coming in?!

Baby Gets Separation Anxiety

Another one that I’ll have to accept…

Family Moves To New Place

When [babies] get home…it is their own little safe-haven. They get used to the place, to the smells, the sights, and the sounds. All of a sudden, the family moves and it’s a whole new world for the kid to get used to….Any sort of change like this might scare a child, and they, again, cling to their mom for comfort. 

Family Goes On Vacation

Lot of times vacations are taken to warmer climates, so it’s even a whole new weather environment the kid needs to get used to. Therefore, yet again, it’s time to cling to mom. She is the only sane thing in this world of insanity as far as a kid is concerned.


2 and 3 got me in a 1-2 punch combo. While we didn’t move, we had an extended vacation. Baby had to adjust to life at her grandma’s house. Then sfter adjusting to her new environment, I took her away to Japan. She forgot that this was her home! Poor thing probably thought that her grandma’s fabulous McManshion was her home, and Tokyo was just temporary thing.

Here’s hoping that month 7 is kinder to me!

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