Month 5 with Baby – I Think I Love My Husband


Month 5 with Baby – I Think I Love My Husband

Baby is now five months old! I’m impressed with all the things she can do. Still, I spend nearly every day in shock because I’m used to the newborn stage. Every time she does something new, I think, “Are you advanced or is that just something all babies can do in month 5 of life?” In month 5 I have new perspectives on being a mom. I feel much more positively towards my relationship with my husband. On the other hand, I’m feeling a set of new professional and personal challenges.

First up, let’s talk about baby, since you know, this blog wouldn’t exactly exist without her.

Here’s a list of things that baby can do:

  • She’s discovered her feet and loves reaching for them
  • She can cry real tears now. Little does she know that years of teaching has given me the ability distinguish real and crocodile tears.
  • Her hand-eye coordination has strengthened
  • She can reach -and snatch! I was shook when she reached up and snatched a chain off my neck.
  • She absolutely loves to blow raspberries
  • Squealing and laughing are her hobbies
  • She is extremely interested in food
  • Finally, she. can roll from tummy to back with ease. But, she still has difficulty in rolling from back to tummy

She went to the pool for the first time, too. I had fun waking up early, dressing her, and posing poolside before the Carolina humidity got to us. I’Ill certainly miss the pool when I get back to Japan. Thankfully, the in-laws live on the beach so I can get my water fix. Baby is a lucky girl – she’s got access to both a pool and the beach, courtesy of her grandparents!

Now onto, me!

I’ve spent most of baby’s 5th month in the US. I must say that I am honestly and unapologetic-ally enjoying the time apart from my husband. He came to the US a week after we arrived. I was genuinely happy to see him. When I went to see him off at the airport, I was sad to see him go. For the remainder of my stay in SC, I missed him. Can you believe that? After all the crankiness and wondering how I married someone so careless and useless… I wanted to see him again. Thankfully, the time away allows me to clear my head and my heart. I can’t wait to go back to Japan.

Back in Japan, it truly felt like I didn’t have an identity outside of being a wife and mom. I mean, I’m not working, so no one calls me “sensei” (teacher) anymore. Back in Japan, my routine was wake up, cook breakfast, nurse baby, walk dog, nurse, do housework, nurse, prepare lunch, nurse, take a nap, nurse, prepare dinner, nurse, walk dog, bathe baby, nurse to sleep*, Nextflix/blog/Instagram, sleep. Repeat.

*yes, I nurse my baby to sleep. Come at me, bro.

My whole life in these past months after baby’s birth exists in literally one part of town. Once a month I head out to Shinjuku to get my nails done, once or twice a month on my husband’s day off we’ll go for a drive to a shopping mall in Chiba, but that’s the extent of it.

Even though I can officially drive, baby doesn’t like being in the car seat, and I wouldn’t be able to tend to her and drive at the same time. Unfortunately, there’s no driving by myself with baby.












Here in South Carolina, I don’t know anyone except for my family. “Wife” and “mom” doesn’t define me. Now, I feel like when I step out, I’m not just a mom anymore. I feel happy that I’m not in a rush to try to get everything done in the house. My mom and sister are laidback about housework, and I’m going along with the flow. It feels good. I feel good

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