Month 3 with Baby – Finally I Can Smile

Month 3 with Baby – Finally I Can Smile

After all I’ve experienced with baby, I really felt a return to normalcy in April. My mother-in-law even during a phone call commented on how cheery my voice was. I didn’t take her comment lightly. I appreciated that she recognized my struggle and helped me in my first month by coming to Tokyo. Of course, everything isn’t perfect, but I am definitely starting to feel like myself, more than before.

At the moment I exclusively breastfeed and only pump on days where I go out to enjoy myself, which, so far has been once a month. I have pumped literally three times in these 3 months. Once the milk that pumped has been drunk, my husband will make a bottle, but baby rarely drinks it.

When we go out by car, I prepare a bottle of formula as I can’t nurse her in a moving vehicle, and she gets so mad, insulted I tell you, that I would even think to offer her a bottle when fresh milk is right there.

With all that said, I definitely experience more positive moments than before.

Baby is so well adjusted and has a such a wonderful routine, its hard to believe she’s only three months old. She’s awake for most of the day and takes one long nap, or two one hour naps between 1pm-4pm. Baby nearly sleeps through the night, waking only to feed.

Now baby laughs! In the morning when she wakes up, I say, “Ohayo baby!” and she laughs and laughs. Her laugh is so infectious, her eyes just glitter and sparkle.

Baby “talks” now, and when we go out on walks, it seems like Kokuto is always listening to her. Good for them that they are coming along well.

She’s discovered how yummy her hands and fingers are and likes to suck on then. Kokuto has also discovered how nice a baby’s feet smell and taste and likes to lick her feet. Baby can’t reach her own feet yet so I don’t mind.

She can also follow me with her eyes and knows how to turn her head in the direction of a sound. Tummy time is getting longer and she can hold her head up for a longer period of time as well.
I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the next month!

Month 3 with Baby – Finally I Can Smile

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