March Roundup: What’s New In My Portfolio

In Japan, April signals new beginnings. It’s  the start of the new school year and when new work assignments and transfers happen.

New things are coming to Baby Kaiju, too. Starting this month, I will post monthly roundups of my published articles and completed projects.

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What’s New

I successfully finished my teaching contract! It was only 4 months back in the classroom, but I made it to the end.

The monster also adjusted to life in daycare, too.  (More on that in a separate post.)

My trip to Kanazawa was inspiring. Not only do I hope to spin the experience into a few travel pieces, I’m also motivated to travel more domestically.

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In March I did LOTS of translation work. I also did a few pieces for the soon-to-be-revealed Tokyo tourism website.

I’ve also branched out into sponsored posts and brand ambassadorships.

Take a look!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that two of my pieces were featured in a magazine! Yes, I am in print!

Life In Japan

Guide To Japanese Air Purifiers

Guide to Rice Cookers in Japan

Beyond Kirei: 5 Phrases To Help You Use Japanese Like A Pro This Spring

Tokyo Places

How to Spend 24 Hours in Asakusa, Tokyo

Exploring the World’s Largest MUJI Store!

Tokyo Day Trip: See Kappabashi and Asakusa, Welcome to Tokyo’s Kitchen, Kappabashi!


Your Japan Adventure Continues At The Airport: The Ultimate Guide to Shopping and Dining at Haneda Airport!

The Complete Guide to Haneda Airport Arrival Lobby

Cherry Blossoms FAQ – The Ultimate Guide to Sakura Trees!

Don’t Leave Japan Without Buying These 10 Items At Daiso Harajuku

The Complete Guide to Haneda Airport Arrival Lobby

10 Irresistibly Tasty “Conbini-Exclusive” Souvenirs You’ll Fall In Love With!

Everyone is Crazy for Yoku Moku’s Newest Treat: the Cigare au Matcha, Available from March 15!

Ambassadorships, Collaborations, And Sponsorships

ふぉーちゅん様( ‪@fortune_press‬ )のプレゼントキャンペーンに当選しましたCherra (@cherra_official) のコスメ: リキッドアイライナーとファイバーマスカラ(ブラウン)、パウダーリップ(ローズレッド)。超~長持ちのポイントメイクで旅行や夏は役に立つと思います。ありがとうございました!大切に使います❤️ 。 I received these Cherra @cherra_official) cosmetics from Fortune( ‪@fortune_press‬ ), my go-to site for info on the makeup and skin care products in Japan. 。 #Cherra has taken “all day wear” to the next level and created this 36 hour liquid eyeliner and fiber mascara. Fortune sent me brown (I’ve never worn brown eyeliner or mascara) but I’m really surprised at how soft and natural it looks on me. 。 The 24 hour wear oil-in powdered lip tint packs on pigment… but a bit difficult to work with as it’s another product I’m not used to. I just have the urge to finish it with a gloss! 。 Overall, I’m satisfied with these new additions to my makeup drawer and the cute pink pouch that came with them. These will be great for when traveling!✈️

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March Roundup: What’s New In My Portfolio

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