Japanese Celebrations for Baby

This master post features all major ceremonial milestones for pregnant women and babies in Japan. A majority of these milestones have Shinto roots and are an important part of Japanese culture. The most recent event is listed first.

February 2018 – Isshou Mochi (一升餅)

January 2018 – Hatsu Shougatsu (初正月)

December 2017 – First Christmas (初めてのクリスマス)

August 2017 – Half Birthday (ハーフバースデー)

May 2017 – O-Kuizome (お食い初め)


March 2017 – O-Miya Mairi (お宮参り)

February 2017 O-Shichiya and Meimeishiki (お七夜、命名式)

September 2016 – Inu no Hi (戌の日)

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