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Japanese Celebrations for Baby

May 1, 2017

Japanese Celebrations for Baby

This master post features all major ceremonial milestones for pregnant women and babies in Japan. It will be added as baby grows- please check periodically! The most recent event is listed first.

Half Birthday- Celebrating 6 Months of Life Together 

A Japanese take on a milestone that has its roots in the US and UK.


Okuizome – An Elaborate Feast for Baby

Baby’s first meal, celebrated at home or a restaurant when baby is around 100 days old.



O-Shichiya & Meimei-shiki – Japanese Baby Naming Tradition

Done on the night of a baby’s 7th night of life in hopes that the baby will grow up in good health.


babykaiju omiyamairi family photoshootO-Miya Mairi – Taking Baby to a Shrine

Baby’s first visit to a shrine; done when baby is about 1 month old.


Inu no Hi – A Shrine Visit for Pregnant Women

A blessing for a safe pregnancy and delivery, performed in the 5th month of pregnancy.



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