Introducing My Latest Project: The Wagamama Mama

It’s April, the month of rebirths and new starts in Japan.

I’m powering through my list of 18 personal and professional goals for 2018.

But one goal that I’m incredibly excited about is my latest project, The Wagamama Mama.

I’ve mentioned several times about my past life working retail  in the Japanese fashion industry.

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Working in the 109 in those days, you didn’t just sell clothes, you were a living mannequin, a brand ambassador. You were expected to know the latest trends and fashions.

So while that chapter is closed and done, it’s been such a part of my life that I can’t let it go.

And with the monster around, I’m really determined to keep my independence and do things that I like.

One source of comfort in all the craziness is when I get to play around with makeup and try out the the latest skin care goods.

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I don’t have much time for myself so when I get a few private moments, I gotta make every second count (literally!).

That’s why I’m starting my shop, The Wagamama Mama. It’s a beauty box featuring many of the items found in my beauty blog posts and on my Instagram.

Living in Japan, I can’t do a Target run or buy the latest products that I see on Instagram. I’ve had to rely on domestic items and truthfully, I’ve become a big fan of Japanese skin care and makeup.

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In fact, most of the Japanese products I used in my pregnancy are still my go tos. I’ve come across more even more time-saving health and beauty items that seriously deserve global recognition.

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To help me reach this goal, I’ve partnered up with 99Japan and Trend Gram to help me share my favorite Japanese products.

Since I’ve been back in Japan, I’ve given myself a crash course in setting up a sub domain ( I’m also learning the ins and out of Woo Commerce and MailChimp.

Inventory and pricing, packaging etc are also in the works, but…

The Wagamama Mama will open in a few weeks!

The landing page is now LIVE. Check it out! If you sign up for updates from The Wagamama Mama, you’ll get a coupon code for 15% off your first purchase and a FREE gift.

Introducing My Latest Project: The Wagamama Mama

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