I Tried “Triple Proof” Eyeliner From LB Cosmetics

This post is written in exchange for a free full-sized sample of Brown Black Power of Eyeliner Liquid from Japanese brand LB Cosmetics.

When I came across LB Cosmetics’ campaign for free liquid eyeliner, I decided to enter.

With 10,000 samples being given away, I figured the odds were in my favor — and they were! My full sized product arrived two weeks after the end of the Twitter campaign.

About LB Cosmetics

LB Cosmetics (link in Japanese) is a Japanese brand that recently celebrated their 5th anniversary, hence the massive Twitter promo.

LB Cosmetics is a puchi pura (プチプラ) or reasonably priced cosmetics brand. 

The LB stands for ladybird (ladybugs to my fellow Americans!),  which are known as tentou mushi (てんとう虫/literally “spotted insect”) in Japanese. Notice all the dots on the packaging?

The ladybird is in reference to a saying in Europe that good luck comes to those on whom a ladybird lands.

Onto The Eyeliner!

Advertised as “triple proof,” this eyeliner claims to be rubproof, waterproof, and smudgeproof. When you’re busy moming or just adulting in general, it’s good to have a reliable makeup product, right? And with allergy season coming, I want to look fresh AF even when my eyes are irritated and itchy.

Let’s see how it holds up!


The sleek, black box with bold, gold lettering is eye catching and similar to the black packaging of KATE (link in Japanese).

It stands out in comparison to the girlish design of other puchi pura cosmetics like Canmake… or so you think until you look at the box closely.

The whimsical patterns are  cute images like strawberries, shooting stars, sweets and hearts. The designs are also on the cardboard box the eyeliner was shipped in.

I think it’s appealing to women with a cool, collected and mature exterior (大人っぽい/otonappoi) who really love all things kawaii (可愛い) deep down inside.


This is a revamped version of LB Cosmetics’ previous eyeliner, created in response to customer demand.

95.3% of users say that this is long lasting, and overall, its user approval stands at 99.1%

LB has even patented their brush so you know they’re serious about this product. Considering Japan’ history with calligraphy and art, it makes perfect sense that a cosmetic brand has the resources to create a high-quality brush that can write fine lines.


It’s been literally years since I used liquid eyeliner, but the patented brush eliminates nearly any worry. The brush glides across my lid easily, applying the right amount of color along my lashline with one simple stroke.

I was worried about the intensity of the color but brown black is not overly dramatic; meaning I can use this liquid eyeliner day or night, every day without feeling “extra.”

I should note that LB originally was to send out Jet Black, but changed all samples to Brown Black. I appreciate the change and the apology letter enclosed in my package. Japanese Omotenashi Customer Service 101.

The eyeliner is smudge proof, but if you make a mistake you can quickly clean it up as long as the eyeliner has not set.

Once the eyeliner sets, you’re in trouble. You better have a trusted makeup remover unless you’re going for the Bucky Barnes look.

Where To Get It

LB Power of Eyeliner Liquid is available in Jet Black or Brown Black and costs 1,000 yen.

Residents of Japan are in luck. You can shop online at lb-cosmetics.com, Yahoo! Shopping or Rakuten.

You can also find LB Cosmetics at your local Don Quijote, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Bic Camera, or other drugstores.

If you want to purchase this eyeliner but don’t live in Japan- worry not! LB Cosmetics has a section for international customers on its official homepage. They even ship overseas!


This is my first time trying LB Cosmetics and I have no issues with the quality of its Power of Eyeliner Liquid.

I also have an online coupon, so don’t be surprised if I’m back with another review of their products. I’ve got my eye on the engraved lipstick gift set — maybe I’ll treat myself for my birthday!

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