How To Make A Reservation For The Hungry Caterpillar Cafe

Today’s post is a follow up to my post about my date with the monster at The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cafe in Ginza, Tokyo. Here’s a (VERY image heavy) guide to navigating the online Japanese reservation form for the cafe. I just want to say that graphics are hard to do! Major props to all the graphic designers out there!

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A bit of advice before we head to the form:

There’s two way to enjoy dining out in Japan. Either you wait in line for a ridiculous amount of time or you reserve a table.

It’s really common in Japan to make reservations by telephone or online and its expected that you actually show up — or at least have the decency to cancel well in advance

The reason why I mention that is because  do kyan* (どキャン)  is getting really common in Japan. So much so that there is almost always a monthly segment on the news about how unexpected cancellations are hurting the bottom line of restaurants and cafes.

*Do kyan (どキャン) is short for どたキャン (dota kyan), which in itself is the shorter version of 土壇場 キャンセル (dotanba kyanseru). They all mean the same thing: last-minute cancellations or a no-show.

And what this also means is that a lot of time, foreigners get the blame (but I’m gonna say that the mendokusai-ain’-nobody-got-time-for-that  attitude of younger generations could be to blame).

With that said, if you need to cancel your reservation at any time (but not on the day of), please be sure to follow the instructions on how to cancel. It’s super easy, takes less than 2 minutes.

But since this is world’s first cafe based on Eric Carle’s book, you wouldn’t come all the way to Tokyo just to cancel, right?

First Up, The Rules

Make Your Reservation

Confirm Your Reservation


Cancel Your Reservation

Ready To Go?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cafe in Ginza, Tokyo will be open until August 31. It’s a very popular place to be, so don’t delay in booking a table!

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How To Make A Reservation For The Hungry Caterpillar Cafe

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