Date with Baby – Kasai Rinkai Park, Ikspiari Mall, and Disney Resort Line

Date with Baby – Kasai Rinkai Park, Ikspiari, and Disney Resort Line

After a period of adjustment back to life in Japan, baby and I went on a half-day date. Out trip, by bus and train, took us around Edogawa in Tokyo and Maihama in Chiba. We visited Kasai Rinkai Park, then headed to Ikspiari, a Disney themed shopping mall. Finally, we rode the Disney Resort Line (Disney monorail) to Tokyo Disney Sea before heading home.

All of the places we visited are easily accessible by car from our house, but I still have reservations about driving with baby. However, it is very easy to travel around with baby by bus (at least in my part of town), so I had no trouble with navigating with a stroller. For a look at the different types of buses available in Tokyo and how to use the buses, click here. It’s summer and incredibly humid in Tokyo. No outing is complete without insulating her stroller with ice packs to keep baby cool and comfortable. I brought my Ergo Bay just in case I needed it, along with other baby essentials.

We boarded a Toei Bus and were on our way to first stop was to Kasai Rinkai Park.  A single bus ride for adults is 210 yen and infants ride for free. One thing that I like about the buses here is that they are stroller friendly. It is relatively easy to get on and off the bus as the buses are updating their fleets to become more accessible for the disabled.

It’s OK to bring strollers on to the bus with a child in them. However, only two unfolded strollers are acceptable. Subsequent strollers must be folded. Bus seats also have auxiliary seat belts used to fasten the stroller to the seat. It’s a nice touch.

After a 15 minute ride, we arrived at Kasai Rinkai Park. I have incredibly fond memories of this park, as I often visited the aquarium, Tokyo Sea Life Park, on field trips with students.

From Kasai Rinkai Park, we boarded to JR Keiyo Line to Maihama. A train ride is 170 yen. There is a bus that provides direct service to Maihama/Tokyo Disneyland, but I wanted to stop by Kasai Rinkai Park and reminisce.


Once we arrived at Maihama Station, we made our way to Ikspiari, a shopping mall with a touch of Disney flair.

Our first stop was the nursery room for a diaper change and feeding. Ever since having a baby, I have become a bit obsessed with checking out the nursing rooms and diaper changing facilities. When I was in the US, I really missed the Japanese style nursing rooms. Japan may not be the best, baby friendly nation, but the standards set by Japanese nursing rooms are quite high.

The nursery room is located on the first floor of Ikspiari, next to the ticketing office. A photo gallery is at the end of this post.

After a diaper change and nursing, we walked around Ikspiari. There is a movie theater here, and I come here often with my husband.. Used to that is. Since the birth of baby, we have yet to go to the movies. Ikspiari Cinema has a special movie event especially for mom, babies, and kids. I think I will join one day…


From the second floor of Ikspiari, you can access Tokyo a station on Tokyo Disney Resort Line, the Disney monorail. The monorail connects Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disneysea, Ikspiari Mall, and Disney partner hotels, giving visitors convenient access to all of Tokyo Disney Resort. On top of that, riding on the resort line gives you an incredible view of Tokyo Bay.


We got off at Tokyo Disneysea for photos and to take the bus home. I’m looking forward to the day that I can properly visit Disneysea and Disneyland with my daughter.





Our return trip home was on the Keisei Shuttle Seven. The fare to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea is 410 yen, pricier than a regular bus ride. However, as an express bus, I didn’t need to worry about changing buses or taking the train






Photos of Ikspiari:

Date with Baby – Kasai Rinkai Park, Ikspiari, and Disney Resort Line

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