10 Life Lessons You Learn From Dating Mr. Wrong

This is test piece that I wrote for my portfolio that was never picked up. BOO! I will say that even though I am married, I don’t believe in “Mr. (or Ms. Right).” That’s because toxic relationships aren’t limited to romance. Family members, “friends,” and co-coworkers can be a source of stress and trouble. I believe in finding the right relationship. It took me plenty of years to be able to stand up for myself. But, knowing when to put my foot down is one of the most liberating feelings. With that said, onto the blog post!

An Honest Look At Life In Japan – Working and Dating

My little monster was being her cute destructive self, and I got to thinking about how I never, ever imagined I’d be married with a dog and a baby here in Japan. Needless to say, life, when you’re single, is much different than life when you’re married and with a child. And reaching all those milestones when in a foreign country can be overwhelming.

Month 12 With Baby – Moving On When You Really Want To Give Up

Month 12 With Baby – Moving On When You Really Want To Give Up This is the final installment in my “A Year with Baby” series. And, it will probably be the realest post here on Baby Kaiju. I can’t stress enough how underprepared I was (am) for this moming thing. And knowing that there are moms out there with multiple children, I’m speechless. How do you do manage?

Month 5 with Baby – I Think I Love My Husband

Month 5 with Baby – I Think I Love My Husband Baby is now five months old! I’m impressed with all the things she can do. Still, I spend nearly every day in shock because I’m used to the newborn stage. Every time she does something new, I think, “Are you advanced or is that just something all babies can do in month 5 of life?” In month 5 I have new perspectives on being a mom. I feel much more positively towards my relationship with my husband. On the other hand, I’m feeling a set of new professional and personal challenges.

International Marriage – My Husband is Japanese

International Marriage – My Husband is Japanese I thought I should title this post “Why I Married a Japanese Man” just because it’s a clickbait-y title. Being Japanese, that is something about my husband that he can’t control. I didn’t seek out a Japanese husband, and I would have married him if he were American, Korean, Egyptian, whatever. It sounds so “post racial,” but it’s true. I imagine people would want to know why I married a Japanese guy or there must be people out there wondering how they too could marry a Japanese guy, or could a relationship with a Japanese man and black American woman work.    Recently,

Month 4 with Baby – I Think I Hate My Husband

Month 4 with Baby – I Think I Hate My Husband May went by easier than the first three months but gave me a new set of challenges, not to mention my first bout with mastitis. The challenges I’m really talking about are my relationship with my husband and myself. There’s an idea that mommy bloggers sometimes are just too personal, too real –selfies with tired eyes and bed head or proudly showing off their nursing positions and expressed milk. Writing too truthfully about their labor experience, postpartum blues/anger, and sex after baby.

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