International Marriage – My Husband is Japanese

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International Marriage – My Husband is Japanese I thought I should title this post “Why I Married a Japanese Man” just because it’s a clickbait-y title. Being Japanese, that is something about my husband that he can’t control. I didn’t seek out a Japanese husband, and I would have married him if he were American, Korean, Egyptian, whatever. It sounds so “post racial,” but it’s true. I imagine people would want to know why I married a Japanese guy or there must be people out there wondering how they too could marry a Japanese guy, or could a relationship with a Japanese man and black American woman work.    Recently, […]

July 26, 2017

10 Years in Japan – From Gaijin Gyaru to Mama

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10 Years in Japan – From Gaijin Gyaru to Mama It has officially been ten, yes, TEN years that I’ve been living in Japan. Ironically, I am celebrating this very important life milestone from my home state of South Carolina! Then again, it’s perhaps fitting that I come full circle by bringing baby to my home state. As stated in my about me page, I left South Carolina straight out of college with a dream of a life in Japan, and now I’ve returned as a mom having had achieved that dream and many, many, many more. I celebrate this milestone with a blog post about why I chose to […]

July 7, 2017

Changing Diapers in My Closet – Hack My Japanese Home

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Changing Diapers in My Closet – Hack My Japanese Home I “hacked” the closet (押入れ, o-shiire) in our Japanese room (和室, washitsu) and turned it into a diaper command center. Why? I’m short, but I have long legs, and lots of changing tables were too awkward to use. We live in an average sized condo with three rooms, one of which is a Japanese room with tatami flooring. Husband and I have our bedroom, Kokuto has always had his own room, and it was my dream that if we could have kids, the kids and Kokuo would grow up to be roommates. Obviously, the changing table would go in baby’s room, but…

May 28, 2017

O-Miya Mairi – Taking Baby to a Shrine

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O-miya mairi (お宮参り) is a performed at a shrine to give thanks for a baby’s first month of life. Depending on the region, a baby will have his or her first shrine visit at around 31 days old (31 days old for boys, 32 days old for girls). However, it is perfectly fine to delay or even celebrate this milestone a few days earlier. After all, you have to consider mom’s condition, the baby’s health, and the weather.

April 8, 2017