About Baby Kaiju, Why I Blog, and Life in Japan

About Baby Kaiju, Why I Blog, and Life in Japan

teni wada author bio picHi there! If you’ve dropped by after visiting one of my social media accounts or from reading one of my many guest posts scattered across the web, thank you for stopping by! I want to formally welcome you to Baby Kaiju. Baby Kaiju is a Tokyo family lifestyle blog written by me, Teni, a Carolina girl turned new mom/writer in the Land of the Rising Sun.

About Me

I first came to Japan in the fall of 2004 as an exchange student. Amazingly, I enjoyed my time in Tokyo so much that I decided to move here after graduation in 2007. My life in Japan began with a career in fashion retail, working in some of Tokyo’s well-known department stores. Somewhere along the way, I made the switch to education and became a kindergarten teacher. A few years later, comes the husband, two wedding ceremonies and and now here I am, blogging! For more on my story, check out the post 10 Years in Japan – From Gaijin Gyaru to Mama.

babykaiju omiyamairi family photoshootWhat is “Baby Kaiju”?

“Kaijū” (怪獣) means “monster” in Japanese. When she’s sleeping, I think my daughter is absolutely adorable… until she opens her eyes and starts to cry. Then it’s: Kaijū ga okita!(怪獣が起きた!)- The monster’s awake!



Why I Blog

Now, I’m on childcare leave and am literally writing a new chapter of my life here in Japan. I am overjoyed to have the companionship of my family — a husband, a Shiba, and newborn baby girl — as this journey unfolds. They drive me crazy at times, but I love them. This blog serves several purposes:

  1. To help me gain a new skill set. I’m unsure when I’ll be ale to return to work, but in the meantime, I’m learning all I can about webpage hosting and design, SEO, and how to build a loyal following on social media.
  2. To chronicle my first months and year with baby. Taking notes on little milestones and writing them up in a blog post, I get to relive those moments all over again.
  3. To help me retain my sanity on this motherhood journey thing.  No matter how much I prepared for it, I’m constantly overwhelmed at hard being a mom is. To top it all off, breastfeeding means no alcohol – HELP ME!

twada kyoto stairs

Let’s Work Together!

You can get in touch with me regarding writing projects and collaborations by using the form on the contact page or by contacting me directly: teni [a]babykaiju.com. Thank you for visiting!