5 Posts To Give You The Encouragement You Deserve

My weekend started off with a productive  Saturday — I completed two articles.

But, by Sunday I fell into a slump. Amazing what 24 hours and a little (a lot) of negativity can do.

It never fails. Whenever I make progress on an assignment, it seems like there’s always someone there to pull me down.

I keep saying to myself, but I really really mean it this time. I will never ever share my progress reports again. Some people just like to hate for no reason other than they’re just hatin ass haters. Too bad they can’t use that energy to better themselves…

This post is a reminder to me to keep going. I love the bookmark feature on Twitter and Instagram. It’s where I store useful Japan travel and food info, flaylay inspo and motivational posts like these.

For the #mombosses and #mompreneurs out there:

#thoughts #goodnight 😊

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For the writers out there who need an extra push:

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Channel your inner Kanye and repeat, “Can’t Tell Me Nothin’”

“You’re too young” . . “You’re not qualified” . . . “Good luck with that dream- you’re not realistic” . . . “You’re not allowed to do that” . . . “Nobody can afford that” . . . When I think of all the times other people made claims about MY LIFE every time I was going to take a risk; hopping on a plane to NYC when I was 17 with $200 to my name, to train with the prestigious Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre (“Don’t do that! You’re not mature enough!”); getting married young, having kids young, birthing at home, traveling overseas, home educating, starting businesses and working FROM HOME with my kids present. “It’s all going to be hard and awful and why do you think you’ll be successful at that??” Because I say I will, that’s why 💥 . . . Let me tell you something about people who make claims over your life: they are projecting their fears and insecurities on YOU! Do not let them! Since when did things being HARD make them not worth doing? Your happiness is on the other side of your fear. And there is a whole lot of joy and love and freedom in paving your own way and living your life on your own terms. Take the risks. As many as your heart can stand. ✌️ . . . 📷 In Greece, one of the places I had a “slim chance of ever seeing” 😏

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Engage your core audience and stay true to yourself:

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Lastly, I’m ending this post with a Tweet from Japan-based social media guru, Craig Hoffman. He’s also the man behind Grey, Grizzled, And Gaijin, the ultimate source for social media tips, uncensored life in Japan…and food pics galore.

Seriously, his blog is worth checking out for the food pictures alone. Go for the food, and you’ll leave with plenty of tips to make your traffic to your blog SOAR. 



5 Posts To Give You The Encouragement You Deserve

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