International Marriage – My Husband is Japanese

International Marriage – My Husband is Japanese I thought I should title this post “Why I Married a Japanese Man” just because it’s a clickbait-y title. Being Japanese, that is something about my husband that he can’t control. I didn’t seek out a Japanese husband, and I would have married him if he were American, Korean, Egyptian, whatever. It sounds so “post racial,” but it’s true. I imagine people would want to know why I married a Japanese guy or there must be people out there wondering how they too could marry a Japanese guy, or could a relationship with a Japanese man and black American woman work.    Recently,

From Pet Shop to Family – Kokuto’s Story – A Shiba’s Tale

From Pet Shop to Family – Kokuto’s Story – A Shiba’s Tale Happy Birthday to my dear Shiba, Kokuto! You’re 5 years old! To celebrate our five years together and all the changes a marriage and baby has brought us, I want to share this Shiba’s tale of how I got to be his human and he my furry companion.

Turkish Airlines Lounge – Washington, D.C.

Turkish Airlines Lounge – Washington D.C. Obligatory “This post isn’t sponsored by Turkish Airlines, Washington Dulles Airport, Star Alliance, or any entity mentioned.” disclaimer. With a layover of just under 5 hours, I decided to use Turkish Airlines Lounge in Washington, D.C. to pass time with baby. I don’t have any Star Alliance status anymore but can access some lounges with my credit card (some being the operative word. I’m limited to lounges in Japan, Incheon, and Honolulu). But, you don’t need a Business class ticket, alliance status, or special credit cards for lounge access, especially if you’re not a frequent flyer. Day use for airport lounges can go from

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