10 Life Lessons You Learn From Dating Mr. Wrong

This is test piece that I wrote for my portfolio that was never picked up. BOO! I will say that even though I am married, I don’t believe in “Mr. (or Ms. Right).” That’s because toxic relationships aren’t limited to romance. Family members, “friends,” and co-coworkers can be a source of stress and trouble. I believe in finding the right relationship. It took me plenty of years to be able to stand up for myself. But, knowing when to put my foot down is one of the most liberating feelings. With that said, onto the blog post!

It’s Official: I Now Have A Toddler On My Hands

#startspreadingthenews y’all — my Baby Kaiju is officially a toddler! I had fun with the year with baby series. I often look back on those blog posts from time to time to remind me how far we’ve come. And our recent international adventure showed me just how much the monster has grown.

Inu no Hi – A Shrine Visit for Pregnant Women

Out of all the animals, dogs have relatively easy and smooth pregnancies… or so it is said. Therefore, on Inu no Hi (戌の日, literally “day of the dog”) Japanese women go to a shrine during the 5th month of pregnancy to pray for aid in getting through the remainder of her pregnancy and to have a safe delivery.