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10 Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Time to Experience Tokyo

Autumn fall, whatever you call it, it’s an undeniably beautiful season and the perfect mix of pleasant weather, bold color, vibrant entertainment, and delicious foods. My first day in Japan was a sweltering hot and humid day in late August. I had no idea that Tokyo was just as humid as Charleston. I jumped out of the frying and and into the fire – at least in Charleston I didn’t have to worry about a language barrier and avoiding cultural faux pas.

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A Breastfeeding Journey – It’s Been 6 Months

A Breastfeeding Journey – It’s Been 6 Months During World Breastfeeding Week, I did a three part post on Instagram to follow up this post I wrote around the time baby was three months old. This post is to celebrate the end of Breastfeeding Awareness Month. It’s an updated version to the Instagram posts with all the captions formatted into an easy-to-read format. Breastfeeding in Japan – My Experience So Far I’m grateful that my experience here (so far) has been positive. Breastfeeding is pretty much normal in Japan and it’s assumed that you will nurse. During my hospital stay, all the moms were on a nursing schedule. We also […]

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7 Reasons Why Living in Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward is Great

7 Reasons Why Living in Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward is Great Many apologies for the double post. “My Life in Edogawa” post got published while I was editing – and I didn’t even notice! I’m slowly finding my groove as a freelance writer. However, life with a baby means that she always becomes my priority. No matter if I have the perfect pitch or perfect opening for an article, I can’t write until she lets me. Still, I’m proud that I’ve been officially freelancing for two months now. I’m not making anywhere near my previous salary, but I like having something to do. At least I can justify being on the […]

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Date with Baby – Kasai Rinkai Park, Ikspiari Mall, and Disney Resort Line

Date with Baby – Kasai Rinkai Park, Ikspiari, and Disney Resort Line After a period of adjustment back to life in Japan, baby and I went on a half-day date. Out trip, by bus and train, took us around Edogawa in Tokyo and Maihama in Chiba. We visited Kasai Rinkai Park, then headed to Ikspiari, a Disney themed shopping mall. Finally, we rode the Disney Resort Line (Disney monorail) to Tokyo Disney Sea before heading home.

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Month 5 with Baby – I Think I Love My Husband

Month 5 with Baby – I Think I Love My Husband Baby is now five months old! I’m impressed with all the things she can do. Still, I spend nearly every day in shock because I’m used to the newborn stage. Every time she does something new, I think, “Are you advanced or is that just something all babies can do in month 5 of life?” In month 5 I have new perspectives on being a mom. I feel much more positively towards my relationship with my husband. On the other hand, I’m feeling a set of new professional and personal challenges.

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International Marriage – My Husband is Japanese

International Marriage – My Husband is Japanese I thought I should title this post “Why I Married a Japanese Man” just because it’s a clickbait-y title. Being Japanese, that is something about my husband that he can’t control. I didn’t seek out a Japanese husband, and I would have married him if he were American, Korean, Egyptian, whatever. It sounds so “post racial,” but it’s true. I imagine people would want to know why I married a Japanese guy or there must be people out there wondering how they too could marry a Japanese guy, or could a relationship with a Japanese man and black American woman work.    Recently, […]

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